The Kazakhstan Climate Change Mitigation Program (KCCMP) is designed to help Kazakhstan achieve long-term sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions intensity. The KCCMP supports the Kazakh government and business community in implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gases at the national and at the corporate level. In addition, the Program provides specialized training to help build the next generation of climate and energy professionals in Kazakhstan.

Specifically, the Program’s objectives are to:

  1. Enhance the government’s capacity to administer and enforce policies and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the development of procedures and tools that help implement the national Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System and the Law on Energy Savings, and to facilitate dialogue between regulators and regulated entities.
  2. Build the business community’s capacity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving corporate-level greenhouse gas and energy data measurement, reporting and verification, enhancing corporate capacity to assess, develop and implement greenhouse gas and energy saving measures, and strengthening the capacity of the audit and verifier community.
  3. Strengthen professional education programs in the energy efficiency and climate change areas through training, support for professional accreditation, and developing training centers of excellence.

Partner Organizations: