imgonline-com-ua-Resize-lmkZA9Ynt5VkQ  Armen Arumanyan, Chief of Party

Armen Arzumanyan has served as Chief of Party or Deputy Chief of Party or Resident Project Manager on multiple USAID funded projects, where he has led large teams of local and foreign professionals, successfully negotiating large reform programs with national governments and implementing regional integration projects.

Mr. Arzumanyan specializes in large power systems stability and synchronous operations, energy sector reform, focusing on energy policy, power system design and engineering, utility operations and regulations.

Mr. Arzumanyan worked in Armenia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia.


 Bayan Abulkairova, Deputy Chief of Party



Oleg Ryaskov, Energy Technical Expert



Alexey Cherednichenko, Carbon Market Specialist

Alexey Cherednichenko is Carbon Market Specialist, and provides expert support for development of low-emission strategies, scenarios and models for reducing greenhouse gases. Prior to joining the KCCMP, he served for more than 6 years as Director of the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Ecology and Climate of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Kazakhstan, formerly the Climate Change and Ozone Layer Protection Center. In this capacity he participated in development of Kazakhstan’s national GHG legislation, and served as an expert on the national negotiating team for international climate treaties.

He has also served as a local expert on the UNDP/GEF and REEEP UK project, “Development of the legislation on Renewable energy of Kazakhstan.” Using the international MARKAL model, he defined renewable energy (hydro, wind) competitiveness and potential across Kazakhstan.

imgonline-com-ua-Resize-FMob8eX6vn Alexander Novoseltsev, Senior Energy Management Specialist

Dr. Alexander Novoseltsev is a leading researcher at the Institute of Engineering ThermoPhysics (Kiev), professor at the National Polytechnic University of Ukraine “KPI”, and an advisor in Energy Efficiency (EE) to the Kiev municipal Communal Heating Company. He has 16 years of experience in energy efficiency (EE) project management, and 8 years of on-site work on turnkey investment projects implementation in energy sector, industrial enterprises and municipal utilities and public buildings.Alexander Novoseltsev also served as a vice-president and president of Ukraine Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers from 1996-2010.


Botagoz Khalelova, Administrative manager and training events specialist

Botagoz Khalelova has spent her professional career to date in professional education, working to support the Government and business community in Kazakhstan in transitioning to international standards, through academic courses and training workshops. On the KCCMP team, her responsibilities include organizing and implementing public events, workshops, training activities, presentations and more in Astana and other cities in Kazakhstan.Before joining KCCMP, Ms. Khalelova worked as a Senior Expert in the International Cooperation and Public Relations Department at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


 Assel Sakibzhanova, Policy Specialist

Assel Sakibzhanova is implementing tasks related to the support of clean energy in Kazakhstan,  in particular power sector planning for high RE and EE scenarios and  renewable energy auction support.

Assel has a master’s degree in “Environmental Technology” from Imperial College London

Sergey Maslov, Energy Audit Expert
Sergey Maslov carries out activities related to the EMMS (Energy Management and Monitoring) project in the budgetary sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Most part of the work is done together with the State Departments of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of Karaganda, East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar Regions.Before, Sergey conducted energy auditing of residential and public buildings in the Republic of Kazakhstan as the Head of the Energy Laboratory of “Kazakhstani Center for Modernization and Development of Housing and Communal Services” JSC.


Makpal Abduldinova, Energy Associate

Makpal Abduldinova supports data collection and technical analysis in power sector planning for Renewable Energy and actively participate in activities related to improvement of energy efficiency at power generation plants. Ms. Abduldinova has successful experience in the field of energy efficiency within the framework of the other USAID projects.

Makpal Abduldinova has a Master’s degree in natural sciences from the L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.